New Missoula Coffee Shop–Dog & Bicycle Bakery Cafe

A new flavor is coming to Old Sawmill District! Owner, Malcom Lowe, of the well known Loose Caboose and long time employee Megan O’Dell, who will be running the creative side of the business, are opening the newest coffee shop in Missoula–The Dog & Bicycle Bakery Cafe. They will be the first commercial tenant of Old Sawmill District, located on the ground floor of Polleys A.

The coffee shop will be unique in character.

“Alice In Wonderland whimsical meets Industrial Steampunk style, so we’re hoping that people come in just see the café and…also for the coffee and the experience,” Megan O’Dell said.

Old Sawmill District is a neighborhood that is inviting to pedestrians, bicyclists and dogs. It is centered in the heart of Missoula with quick access to the vast activities of the area. The neighborhood will become a hub and the Dog & Bicycle Baker Cafe will play a large role in making it so.

Malcom said they strive to build a community through coffee and the location of the new coffee shop may be the best opportunity to reach this goal.

“A coffee shop is always sort of a central, social place, where people can get together and have conversations. You know, I want it to be a little focal point in this community,” explained co-owner Malcom Lowe.

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